Fabric Collage

The fabric collages consist of up to twelve layers of silks, sometimes cotton, organza, chiffon and tulle. They are assembled and sewn; cut, rearranged and re-sewn one or more times to produce the final appearance. From traditional quilt inspirations like Los Novios to more unconventional and non representational, they change radically under changing light conditions.

Los Novios The Sweethearts - Ppopocatépetl y Ixtlacihuatl         

75” X 56”                                    

Fabric collage, embellished with beads

The Dancers (4’ H X 2’ W)

Private collection

Pieces from  exhibitions  celebrating our love of Mexico and the memories of special places and the friends we have made there.

Mexico Pathway - Las Lomas

6 3/4” X 5 1/2” fabric Collage

embellished with beads Private Collection

Guardians of Tula / Los Guardian de Tula

12 1/2” X 9” Fabric Collage,

embellished with beads Private Collection


Acapulco  Piñata 8 1/2” X 7 1/2”