There is a Fairy in the Bottom of My Garden: Quentin Crisp

Denis Charles Pratt

25 December 1908 – 21 November 1999

English writer, raconteur, actor & professional homosexual, recognized at an early age his difference from those around him. Rather than live what the world may have expected, he changed his name to match his persona. Crisp delivered to the world a view uniquely his own. From his early autobiography, The Naked Civil Servant, which became a movie, he captured a place for himself even more flamboyant than his predecessor, Oscar Wilde.

Don’t keep up with the Joneses;

drag them down to your level, it’s cheaper.

An autobiography is an obituary in serial form

with the last installment missing.

What would you expect? He played Queen Victoria in 1992’s Orlando. Sting dedicated “Englishman in New York” to him. Boy George compared his early life to that of “Pratt.” He appears in Any Warhol’s diaries. Movies and plays have been written about his life.

Not bad for an effeminate little boy from Sutton, Surry. He lived his life exactly the way he wanted to, and he did scare the horses!

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